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Better Buildings™ Overview

Your Complete Resource for Improving Building Performance

Buildings are a significant source of GHG emissions, generators of solid and liquid waste and large consumers of energy, water and land in the Greater Vancouver Region. And, statistics indicate that these demands and impacts are increasing.

Retrofits designed to improve the operating efficiency of existing buildings have a direct influence in reversing this trend and to reduce the associated environmental impacts. In response, the Better Buildings program was developed to encourage and facilitate an increase in eco-efficient* building retrofit activity.

The Better Buildings™ web site was inspired by the recognized need for a single comprehensive source of programs and information to assist building/facility owners and managers in completing energy and resource efficient retrofits. In addition, the concept of a regional web based resource or portal, is a powerful tool that is capable of serving the needs of a large and diverse audience.

By creating a partnership among regional, provincial and federal program and service providers, the Better Buildings initiative brings together all of the key components necessary for a building/facility owner or manager to initiate, implement and successfully complete eco-efficient building retrofits.

*Eco-efficient building retrofits reduce the amount of natural resources required to deliver a given service. Eco-efficient building retrofits generally encompass more than one media and make sense from a triple bottom line perspective. Media include energy, air, water, wastewater, land, solid and liquid waste. Triple bottom line considers the financial/economic, environmental and social benefits and costs related to a project.

Better Buildings Goals
Benefits of the Better Buildings Initiative

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