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Better Buildings™ Partners

Initiated by the GVRD, the Better Buildings™ portal is the result of a concerted effort and contribution of the following regional, provincial and federal organizations. For more information on any of these partners, click on their logo to go to their corporate web site. We would also like to acknowledge the City of Toronto's Better Buildings Partnership program for their support and assistance in putting together the Better Buildings initiative And a special thanks to Excel Builders for their informational lectures on energy efficient and green homes.

Voluntary Challenge Registry
A non-profit partnership between Industry and governments across Canada. Our mission is to provide the means for promoting, assessing and recognizing the effectiveness of the voluntary approach in addressing climate change.

BC Hydro
Natural Resources Canada
BC Buildings Corporation
Accelerating the transformation of provincially funded buildings--both new and existing--into high performance buildings, leading to immediate operational savings and a range of other important benefits.
The Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Dedicated to improving the quality of life in all communities by promoting strong, effective and accountable municipal government. FCM's Sustainable Communities and Environmental Policy Department provides resource materials, model documents, and workshops to assist muncipal staff in implementing building retrofit programs.
BC Gas Inc
Natural gas distribution within BC plus various subsidiaries involved in energy and utility services
Greater Vancouver Regional District
A working partnership of twenty-one municipalities and one electoral area. The GVRD is dedicated to maintaining the quality of life in the Greater Vancouver area, and to the delivery of region-wide essential services.


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