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Register Your Project Today!

Register Your Project

Do you have a building retrofit project that is completed, proposed or underway?

The project registry provides a comprehensive record of energy and resource management building retrofit details, experience and information.

No matter how big or small, by submitting your retrofit project(s) through this registry, you will qualify for the following benefits:

  • Promotion and recognition, through automatic generation and posting of a case study profile for your project(s) in the Better Buildings portal and Canada's Climate Change Voluntary Challenge and Registry Inc. (VCR Inc.) web site
  • Provides for the dissemination of information on building retrofit initiatives to other building owner/managers in the GVRD and elsewhere
  • Registration of the greenhouse gas emission savings resulting from your project(s). This will provide you with a basis for the potential of future trading of GHG emission savings
  • Automatic submission (with your permission) of your initiatives directly to regional and national recognition award programs

Registration is fast, simple and automatic. Click here to register through the VCR now.

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